Dr. Regina Richards

Dr. Richards (Regina) is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity Equity Inclusion and Community Engagement, and has over twenty years of experience in academia as a Business Professional, Educator, Social Worker and Diversity Equity and Inclusion thought leader in the tri-plex systems of CU SOM, Children’s Hospital and UPI (now CU Medicine). The DEI work there included creating and developing programming, policies, education and trainings, and processes that span from the student pipeline to community engagement endeavors.

Dr. Terri L. Richardson

Internal Medicine physician and long-term CBHC member. I love working with the community, Just for the Health of it!

Thelma Craig

Thelma Craig served as Public Health Administrator/Educator for the Colorado Public Health and Environment for over 30 years. She focused on the development and delivery of service projects for the Epidemiology Division for citizens of Colorado. Co-Founder/ Chair of Colorado Black Health Collaborative, (CBHC) a Non-Profit Community Based Organization. She currently is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the CBHC, an organization committed to improving health in Colorado’s Black Community through partnerships with community members, private and government agencies.

Sheila Morgan

Prevention & Educator Outreach Coordinator with the Asthma COMP Team at Children’s Hospital. One of my community passions is to help families navigate their asthma and healthcare plans. I look forward to collaborating with our community during COVID-19 and beyond.

Carroll Watkins Ali, Ph.D.

is the author of the seminal text in Womanist Pastoral Theology entitled, "Survival and Liberation: Pastoral Theology in African American Context," which wisely used across the country.  Currently, Dr. Watkins Ali is directing two nonprofit organizations in Denver Colorado,  Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance and Muslim Family Services of Colorado. She is also the national convener of the “Above Ground Emancipation Movement, which is effort to develop a communal system of care to impact the mental and spiritual healing of Black people in this country.

Dionisia de la Cerda

Associate Director of the Diversity and Health Equity Program for the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado overseeing several community iniatives, and evaluation activities for the program.

She is the data manager for the Practice Innovation Program, works on several community initiatives, and is passionate about supporting the Aurora community.

Tracie L. Randle

Tracie L. Randle has more than 20 years of assisting both national and local clients grow their consumer base by listening, developing creative ideas and executing multi-platform solutions that deliver ROI. She has a passion for helping both for-profit and non-profit organizations succeed and is currently a sales and marketing consultant for Blackdoctor.org – the nation’s largest and most comprehensive online health resource for African Americans.

Ayanna Johnson

A recent Graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, Ms. Johnson has obtained her Bachelor’s of Natural Health and Sciences, now well-equipped to serve the black health community. Ayanna strives to become a leader of health and wellness, emphasizing a holistic approach to bring forth true healing of our black communities. She uses her interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills to further the mission of CBHC.