Project Description

Everybody knows that Mr. Charles Doss, Jr. is the life of the party. But his fever for line dancing is matched by his desire to improve health and wellness for everyone that attends one of his weekly classes.

“ I teach five times a week. Twice at the Kashbah nightclub. I teach at the Hope Center. I do free classes at the recreation centers,” says Doss who has mastered over 500 line dances. At least thirty of his loyal devotees of mostly 50-and 60 year olds arrive for each class eager to get in lockstep  formation with his fancy footwork. Over the last five years he has seen some of his fellow dancers lose weight and even how to improve their memory and coordination skills through regular line dancing.

“What we try to do is celebrate life and moving”, says Doss, “That’s what I’m here for. I’m trying to get everybody that wants to and can, to dance. It’s about moving.”

To learn more about  Mr. Charles’ Let’s Start Dancing classes call: (720) 288-3440.