#SHOYOFLOW Video Competition

In this video Brother Jeff Fard demonstrates how you to help make Black Folk in Colorado the healthiest in the Nation. He’s challenging all of Denver to join the movement. Post your video and “Sho Yo Flow.”  The winning videos will be announced at The Family Block Party on Saturday, September 10th  (1:00 -5:00Pm). But remember, you must also add “#ShoYoFLOW” and “#CBHC”  on your Facebook post in order to be entered into the competition..

So, go ahead–Post a video of yourself on Facebook that displays how you are working to stay heart-healthy. Try to limit your video to 30 seconds or less. In some cases you are also limited by the social media platform you are using. The best postings will receive cash and prizes at The Block Party, Saturday, September 10th at the Dahlia Campus for Well-being. See you at the event on Saturday, September 10th!