How Does the FLOW helpline at 1(800) 209-FLOW (3569) Work?

The FLOW helpline is a free and confidential service that connects residents of Denver and Aurora with a variety of community and clinical resources. When you dial 1(800) 209-FLOW (3569) , you are put in touch with someone who cares, who will listen and help you locate a community or health provider that best fits your situation and needs. The FLOWline number serves as a lifeline to those who may be struggling to locate a provider in your area or identify resources to help reach health goals. You may remain anonymous when you call the FLOWline, all conversations are confidential.

Do not call this number  if you have a medical emergency. Hang up and dial 911.

Who Uses FLOWLine?

Anyone between the ages of 34-55+ residing in the Denver and Aurora can use the FLOWline to locate resources in the community. One phone call gives you information on the services available in your community to meet health care needs, family planning and much more.

What Happens When You Call?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this service have a cost?
  • Why do I need the FLOWline?
  • What sort of person will I be talking to if I call the helpline or leave a message online?
  • Does the FLOWline provide other services in languages other than English?
  • Can I get any materials sent to me?
  • Will my call be kept confidential?

Want to Volunteer for FLOWline?

Remove the ‘Apply to become a member of CBHC’ in the red box and replace it with the following:What to become a volunteer for the FLOW helpline? Get involved in your community today and pledge your commitment to help break the silence about heart disease in the African American community. We have volunteer opportunities with the FLOW helpline as well as other CBHC programs. Apply Today!