Get Your Heart Right With FLOW

From childhood to “adulting”, our most cherished moments are with family. They take away emotional stress with their overarching love, affection, and moral support. Family is the last drop of hope that pushes us through life’s toughest moments. We want members to be proud of our accomplishments and champion our success. Whether it’s excelling in a career or being the glue that keeps the family together, African-Americans take pride in their tribes. However, through these stressful and time-consuming ambitions, it’s easy to overlook how much it affects our health, especially our heart-health.

Shoyoflow2017 Challenge.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death for African-Americans. We are plagued with conditions such high blood pressure and diabetes which are gateways to deadly heart conditions. There is a solution to defeating and mastering this silent killer. FLOWDenver’s Heart Awareness Campaign is giving you the perfect summer coaching to get your heart right. We’re kicking off #ShoyoFLOW as an interactive, results-sharing, and healthy living social media campaign. We’re here to help you stay on track by challenging you to participate in the #ShoyoFLOW challenge. Here’s how to play:

1. Share how you stay heart-healthy by posting a picture or video on your Twitter and Facebook page. You can compare blood pressure and diabetes numbers, food selfies, or exercise routines. Let your creative juices FLOW.

2. When you post, use the #ShoyoFLOW and #CBHC hashtag. Seeing is believing. By using these tags, we can share results and inspire others to get their heart right!                                                 

The rules are simple and we’re counting on you to be the change you want to see in the black community. Aren’t you tired of seeing your people die from preventable health conditions? The change starts with you. Inspire people and win life-changing prizes for Most Innovative, Most Shared, and Most Improved.

Game on! Improve your health and #ShoyoFLOW this summer!

The Colorado Black Health Initiative (CBHC) FLOW initiative can connect you to free and low-cost programs that can help you stay heart-healthy. Ask your doctor or call 1-800-209-FLOW(3569) line for more information.