The F.L.O.W (Form a Lifetime of Optimal Wellness) is a comprehensive prevention program that serves as a focal point to inform, educate, assess and refer individuals and families to care for cardiovascular disease. Located at designated FLOW sites across Denver, CBHC works closely with a network of community and clinical providers who serve as facilitators to connect Black and African Americans to critical preventive treatment and care.

Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC) is a network of organizations committed to improving health and wellness in Colorado’s Black and African American communities through collaborations and partnerships with local community based organizations, non-profits, public organizations, private entities and government agencies. CBHC LOGO PNG (NO BKGRD)

Our mission is to address the complex needs of the communities we serve through the development and implementation of culturally appropriate programs, uniquely designed to engage our stakeholders while continuing to expand our network of partners and collaborative relationships.

To find out about programs in your community that can help you improve your cardiovascular health, Call: 1-800-209-FLOW (3569)